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Unfiltered | February 1, 2016

I am working the checkout when a young boy, about 5 years old comes up with me to buy a few Tron Legacy toys. I’m also a fan of the Tron movies, so start to talk to him about it.

Me – I guess you like Tron then?

Boy – Yeah! I love it! They are gonna make a second one!

Me – Well technically, Tron Legacy is the second one. The first one is about as old as I am.

At this point the boy just looks at me with shock.

Boy – But your ANCIENT!

I look at his mother who is in shock that her little boy has called me ancient, as I am not that old. She also begins to turn red out of embarrassment until I burst out laughing. The little boy buys his toys and leaves with his mother, and I turn to my manager while still laughing.

Manager – If your ancient, what does that make me then?

That little boy made me forget about all the abuse I get at work, and still makes me laugh now.

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