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This was a few years ago when I worked in a pizza restaurant. It was two minutes until my shift was over, my last before a much needed vacation

Me: Hi, (name of restaurant), this is (my name) how may I help you?

Customer: Yea, hi do guys have any spaghetti?

Me: No ma’am but we do have penne pasta with red sauce or alfredo

Customer: Do you have beef?

Me: We have beef hot hoagies

Customer: I’ll just get a ham hoagie

Me: Would you like a whole or a half?

Customer: Half

(I ring up her order)

Me: Would you like this for pick-up or delivery?

Customer: Delivery.

Me: Okay just so you know our delivery minimum is $10 and you’re current total is only $3.84, would you like to make your hoagie a whole or add chips and a soda?

Customer: (getting angry) No! all I want is the half sandwich!

Me: I’m very sorry ma’am, would you like to pick it up instead?

Customer: No, I will just get a half pasta also

Me: Okay

(rings it up)

Customer: no I want chips and a soda do you have ginger ale?

Me: I’m sorry, we only have cans of Coke, Diet Coke and Sprite

Customer: (sighing) fine I will take sprite

Me: Okay (I ring it up and repeat the order) Your total is $12.50

Customer: Okay I only have a $100 bill

Me: I am sorry Ma’am but we don’t allow our drivers to carry more than a small amount of cash, do you have another form of payment?

Customer: NO I only have the $100 why can’t you just bring me change!?

Me: Our policy states that our drivers only carry so much cash for safety reasons, I am very sorry for the inconvenience, but I can’t change the rules.

Customer: Well fine! Your food sucks anyways!