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(I work in an independently owned textbook store. We only sell textbooks and only specific textbooks that professors order through us. A LOT of people have a problem understanding this. It is also in between semesters so we have very, very little in stock at the moment. A customer has called to check if a book is in stock..)

Customer: “Yes, do you have this book, [certain text]? Yes, please let me know if you have it in stock. Yes, it is [textbook] by [author].

Me: “Unfortunately, we do not have that in stock right now. Sorry”

Customer: “Yes. Tell me where I will get this book. I need [repeats text] by [author] edition number 10 from [year]. Yes, you will tell me where I can get this.

Me: “….well, I know none of our other stores have it in stock right now. Did you try [local college’s school store]?

Customer: “This business is closed for two days. Where else can I get this book, [repeats book title]. Tell me where else.”

Me: “I’m not sure sir, have you tried [other big box store that sells textbooks].”

Customer: “Yes. You want to help me because I am a customer and so yes you need to tell me where to get this book yes, you are ignoring me and you need to help me.”

Me: “Sir, I’m not ignoring you I just don’t have thi-”

Customer: “I want to speak with your manager.”

Me: “I am the manager sir.”

Customer: “No. I want to speak to a manager. You are ignoring me. Sometimes you people just ignore your customers but I need this book and you need to help me because I am a customer and you should want to help me.”

Me: “………………did you try [yet another big box store location].

Customer: “Yes, why are you not helping me! I am your customer and you need to tell me where this book is.”

(he keeps interrupting me to rant on about how I am ignoring him and how he is my customer and needs this book and I should be helping him. I am obviously getting a bit irritated as at this point as he is not technically MY customer and I have tried to help him as best I can even suggesting the bigger name stores that are running my company out of business.)

Customer: “Tell me if [original big box store that apparently is closed] has this for me.”

Me: “I can’t look that up for you sir. You could try calling their other branch.”

Customer: “Yes, then tell me [other branch location] has this book, yes, you will do this.”

Me: “I can’t sir. I don’t work there, you’d have to call them.”

Customer: “Yes, you need to help me because I am your customer. You need to help me and you are ignoring me. Yes, I need help to find this book…..”

(He goes on and on and on like this. He won’t let me speak and when he does he seems to ignore what I just said and continue his rant. This has been about a ten minute phone call by this point and I am fed up.”

Me: “Okay, thank you for calling. Have a great day!” ::click::

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