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Unfiltered | January 26, 2016

(The store I work in is a part of a mall and closed ten minutes previously, the main lights in the store are off, the shutters are halfway down and I’m in the back of the store mopping when a man who owns another store comes in)

Me: Be careful, the floor is wet. Can I help you?

Customer: Can I get some fruit?

Me: we are closed, sorry.

Customer: awh go on, I own a shop just futher down, I’ve been working all day and I want some fruit.

Me: sorry.

Customer: go on, give me a break, I have the cash.

Me: I can’t even if I wanted to, the tills are downstairs being counted, I’ve just mopped the floor over by the registers and turned all the power off, it won’t be back on till morning.

Customer: you can put the sale through then (he starts picking up fruit)

Me: I’m not working tomorrow sorry and I’m not allowed, could you put that back please, I need to finish cleaning.

Customer: you’re mean ( he drops the fruit all in one place and storms out, ducking back under the shutters.)

I had to then re-mop where he had left footprints all over the floor and restock the fruit, you’d think a store owner would know that we can’t process sales after closing.