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Unfiltered | January 23, 2016

I work as a cashier at my store. After swiping their cards customers generally use their fingers to select the options on the pin pad, when they’re supposed to use the attached pen. Often times trying to press an option using a finger will cause the wrong option to be selected. A couple comes up ready to be cashed out. After I scan everything the woman swipes the card and the pin pad screen asks her to validate the total. She goes to press the “yes” option with her finger and “no” ends up being selected. This brings her back to the please swipe prompt.

Me: Oh. Ma’am, the “no” option was selected when you went to verify the total. Please swipe again.

The customer knitted her eyebrows since she knew she put her finger over the “yes” option. She re-swipes and reads aloud: Is this amount ok? Yes (as she flips one of her hands up in confusion).

Me: Sorry about that ma’am. For some strange reason, when a customer uses their finger instead of the pen, it doesn’t always register correctly.

Customer: Hmm.

Customer’s boyfriend: You guys specialize in repairs. You should get that fixed.

Me: …