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Unfiltered | January 19, 2016

(It’s shortly before close on Christmas Eve when three men walk into the store. One walks up to my co-worker to ask about condoms, another follows him, and the third stops to talk to me. I’m used to answering a lot of odd questions, but this one was new. Note: Our store name includes the words “Love” and “Stuff.”)

Customer: I have a question.

Me: Okay.

Customer: The store name…I mean, “Love,” everyone gets. But what’s the “Stuff?”

Me: Uh…look around you.

Customer: I see a lot of love.

Me: It’s all stuff to do with love.

Customer: Yeah, but…couldn’t you put the words together better?

Me: Well…and is a conjunction. It joins two separate words or ideas.

Customer: Yeah, but…couldn’t you call it “Stuffed With Love?”

Me: *gives him a look* That’s the slogan for [popular make-your-own stuffed bear shop.]

Customer: Really?

Me: Yeah.

Customer: Oh! *turns away*