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Unfiltered | January 18, 2016

It is the end of December and I have just purchased the tailor shop that I’ve been working at for the last 8 years. Since the lease was up anyway, I found a new, better location to conduct the business. This is the perfect time to move as we are ALWAYS closed for around 10 days at the end of the year. All of the equipment and things were moved into the new shop yesterday and have not been set up yet. There are piles of boxes and rolled up carpets, the sewing machines aren’t even plugged in and the orders that still have to be picked up are no longer sorted alphabetically, but in whatever random order the movers hung them up in.

People keep walking up to the doors trying to get in anyway, even though there are many signs on the doors stating that we are closed for the holidays and what our grand re-opening is. However, since they can peek through the vertical blinds and see me, they want in anyway and rattle at the locked door. The following happens when my phone installer is here and the door has to remained unlocked to allow him to come and go…

lady: *walks up, reads signs, looks at me shaking my head at her… she opens the door anyway* I need to pick up!

me: Sorry ma’am, but we aren’t open until January 2nd!

lady: But I was supposed to pick this up on Wednesday (the 18th)! The lady said I could pick it up!

me: Saturday was actually the last day to pick up before January… as you can see, I am just setting everything up here and everything is a jumble back there. I suppose I could go look for you. What is it exactly?

lady: A pair of pants.

me: Okay, could you describe them a little more? There are several things back there and many of them are pants.

lady: I got a hem on them.

me: Yes, most pants that come though here get hems.

lady: They are corduroy!

me: *goes to look and eventually finds them* Okay, I found them. Here you go. Also, just so you know when we do open back up in the new year, we aren’t open on Mondays.

lady: *snatches her pants and leaves without saying thank-you*