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Unfiltered | January 16, 2016

(A middle-aged female customer comes in with a bag that has a game in it.)

Customer: Hi, I want to return this.

(I take the game out of the bag, it’s Wii Sports.)

Me: Alright, what’s the reason? Were you not satisfied, did it not work…?

Customer: It’s not the right one. I wanted the one that had pool. The man that sold to it to me at the other store told me it had pool on it.

Me: Ah, I apologize for that. It seems that he was mistaken, as this one doesn’t have pool in it.

Customer: Do you have the one with pool?

Me: Let me check… We have the Wii Play game, which does have billiards among the minigames included.

Customer: No, no, I want the Wii Sports that has the pool.

Me: …I’m sorry, I’m not sure I understand. Wii Sports is this one here that you’re returning.

Customer: I know, but I want the Wii Sports with pool.

Me: The Wii Sports game has Golf, Tennis, Bowling, Boxing, and Baseball, but not Pool.

Customer: Yes, I know this one doesn’t have it, but do you have the one that does?

Me: Uh… Maybe this one?

(I already know she’s incredibly mistaken, but try to find a way around saying that to her, and show her Wii Sports Resort, which I already know doesn’t have Pool)

Customer: No, it’s not that one. It’s Wii Sports, that’s the name of the game. I remember I had it when I first got the Wii system; it came in the box.

(I now know there’s no way to sidestep the confrontation about to happen.)

Me: I’m sorry, I don’t know what to tell you. The Wii Sports game that was originally packed with the Wii never had a billiards game.

Customer: Well, I know I had it.

Me: Then I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

Customer: Whatever. You’re wrong.

(She looks around and flags down a coworker, and basically asks him the same question, about “Wii Sports with Pool,” and gets the same exact answer.)

Customer: You’re wrong, too!

(She gets yet ANOTHER coworker, and the process repeats.)

Customer: I can’t believe you don’t have the game I want. Let me just get the Wii Play, then.

(I’ve had people insist that they were correct before, but never after having been proven wrong by no less than three employees!)

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