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(So a customer comes up to me. He has what looks like earphones in, which I think may be because he was deaf. He doesn’t say a word. Just hands over his item and loyalty card. Which must mean he has shopped with us before)

Me: hi there, Thanks that’s great. That’ll be £22.50.

(customer starts looking around and tries to see the till screen)

Me; Everything okay sir?

Customer: You’re supposed to display the amount! That’s illeagal! Ypu can’t do that.

Me: Sir if you pop your card into the card reader it will display the amount and it will ask you for your pin.

Customer: This is ridiculous! You should get your supervisor and notify them that they are discriminating against me! You don’t know what the heck you are doing. You should know this!

Me: Sir as I said before, If you pop your card into the reader it will display the balance and then will ask for your pin.

Customer: I heard you the first time! This is ridiculous. You have no career in retail!

Me: Okay that’s fine, would you like to pay for this item?

(customer grumbles and pays for his item. Then I give him the biggest smile I have)

Me: Have a nice day now.

Sometimes working in retail is hard.

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