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Unfiltered | January 11, 2016

From time to time we issue 20% off coupons for customers who use our store cards to give to friends and family. The 4 dates on which the coupons are valid are printed on the front, but every time we get at least a dozen people who try to use them before or after the valid dates. One customer has about £200 worth of clothes.

Customer: Here’s my 20% off.

Me: Sorry sir, that coupon isn’t valid until tomorrow. If you go up to customer service, though, you can reserve your stuff and come pay for it tomorrow with your 20% off.

Customer: *sighs and mutters something unintelligible*

Me: So… did you want to reserve your items and get 20% off tomorrow or did you want to just buy them now?

Customer: Well, I want to buy them now with the 20% off.

Me: Um… you can’t do that, I’m afraid, sir. The coupon won’t go through the till until tomorrow, so you can buy now full price or come back in tomorrow and get 20% off. Which would you prefer?

Customer: I would prefer to buy my items today, with 20% off.

Me: …………………

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