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(I am helping out at a haunted house on Halloween. Near the front there is a light-display orb designed to be touched. Most people try to touch it. My job is to wear a monster glove and surprise people when they come up. Usually I just run the gloved hand over the orb and say “don’t touch the orb” in a creepy voice. There is really nothing wrong with touching it though)

Child: Look mommy! (She begins playing with the orb)

Me: Don’t touch the orb!

Parent: How dare you! My child was just trying to play with it! Let her touch it!

(note: I am quite young at the time of this story, and scared to stand up to a grown-up, so I say nothing, and they move on. A little later, a group of teens come over)

Me: Don’t touch the orb!

(At this point the teen grabs the glove off of my hand, and shows it to her friends) Teen #1: Ha, look! It’s just a glove! (She is very pleased with herself for defeating the illusion)

Me: Please give it back. I don’t want you to ruin it for the younger children, and I also don’t want you to steal my glove.

Teen #2: Gosh, you don’t have to be so pushy. It’s just a glove.

(They give it back and leave)

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