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Unfiltered | January 3, 2016

I work at the cash register at a popular retail store in the mall. An older lady comes up and is ready to check out. I ring out her items and tell her the total.

Me: Alright, so your total comes to $61.

(The customer frowns, shaking her head at me)

Customer: No, no, that can’t be right. You rang something out wrong.

Me: I don’t think I did. Here are 7 of the $5 lotions for $35, the $22 shirt, and your free body mist. With $4, that comes to $61.

(The customer is still shaking her head)

Customer: No, you’re definitely over-charging me. The computer’s wrong, it should be fifty-something, not $61. You didn’t make the mist free.

(At this point in time, I walk around to the screen she sees and point to each item, going through her purchase step by step.)

Me: See? 7 of the $5 lotions is $35. This mist right here says $0.00, and that’s the free one. Add that to the $22 shirt, plus $4 tax, and that’s $61.

(She’s beginning to get angry, and is still shaking her head at me)

Customer: No, that’s still wrong! You’re charging me too much for something! Are you sure you made the mist free?

Me: Yes, I know I made the mist free.

Customer: Well then why are you still charging me to much?

Me: Okay, so 35 plus 22 is 57. Add 3, and you get 60. Add 1 more and you get 61. Your total is $61.

Customer: Oh. I forgot to carry the one. Math is hard for me.

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