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Unfiltered | December 23, 2015

Customer: “Hi, I’d like to return these two coats. The tag of one of them accidentally fell off while I tried it on, can I still return it?”

Me: “Yeah, sure, just let me check the article numbers….”

(the coats look unworn, though the one without the tag has a little stain on the sleeve. However, as I check the article number on the receipt and am about to enter the return into the system the customer suddenly seems to remember something)

Customer: “Oh, do you mind if I quickly check the pockets? Just in case I left something in there?”

(This comment makes me mildly suspicious – why would someone leave something in the pocket of a coat he just tried on for a moment? – and I am baffled as he pulls a chocolate bar out of the inside pocket)

Me: “Um. Did you already wear the coat by any chance? You know that you can only return unworn merchandise, right?”

Customer: “I only tried it on at home…”

Me: “And you left a little snack in there…?”

Customer: “Well, it was for a couple of hours…”

Me: “So, you tried the coat on at home for a couple of hours and put a chocolate bar into the pocket in case you might get hungry, is that right?”

Customer: “Well, I happened to go shopping while trying it on.”

Me: “….Yeah, sorry, I’m not taking that back…”

Customer: “It was worth a try…”

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