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(I work at a large call center and do basic computer troubleshooting for a hospital account. Nurses are primarily the ones who call in when things break. I get a male nurse about in his mid-20’s. The printer at the front desk isn’t working and after 10 minutes of trouble shooting, I decide to send the issue to the on-site techs)

Me: “Looks like I’ll need to send this to the techs to come take a look at that printer. Seems to be all sorts of messed up.”

Male nurse: “Haha, that’s alright man. Not the first time this has happened.”

Me: “Let me just get all this information entered in and I’ll send it off for you. I can have that ticket number for you in a minute.”

(I fill out the ticket and submit it)

Me: “Alright, your ticket reference number is 22334475.”

Male Nurse: “C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!!!”

Me: “Sir, you just made my entire day!”

Male nurse: “It was just too good of a set up! Take it easy man!”

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