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Unfiltered | December 19, 2015

(My mom and I have double booked with the same hair stylist because I need to have my hair colored, I’m sitting in the hall about eight feet from where my mom is having her hair cut while my dye processes when a woman barges in.) Client:”You need to redo my hair!”

Stylist: “As you can see I’m currently with two other clients, if you go back to the reception desk the receptionist can make you an appointment for another time.”

Client: “No! You will fix your mistake! I specifically asked for permanent color and look!! *points at outgrown roots* I have grey at the top!”

Stylist: “Yes, it looks like your hair has grown, it has been a month since I last saw you. Like I said you can make an appointment-”

Client “No! My hair doesn’t grow from the roots! It grows from the bottom! You’re lying! I want my money back!”

Stylist: “Uhh…no. Everyone’s hair grows from the roots. Like I said before, I am with two other clients that have been double booked. If you want to argue this out, please wait outside.”

(The woman eventually had to be escorted out by the owner of the salon – a 60 year old man – because she just kept screaming that her hair grows from the bottom and everyone was lying.)

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