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(this is a regular call for us on an almost daily basis)

Me: Thank you for calling [pharmacy] this [name] how can I help you?

Caller: Yeah I would like to get my medication refilled

Me: Okay I would be happy do to that do you have your rx #

Caller: No

Me: Okay whats your date of birth and name

(caller gives information)

Me: Okay what medication would you like refilled

Caller: The one I get every month

Me: Do you know the name of it or maybe what the drug is for?

Caller: I don’t know I call and get it every month I think it’s the little green pill

(usually it takes a few minutes to figure out what they are asking for if you even can, not to mention that most people who have these calls have been on these medications for more than just a month usually it’s around 15 years or so

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