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(I work in a rehearsal and recording studio, we take most of our bookings over the phone.)

Me: “Hello [company name] [my name] speaking.

Caller: “Yeah, I’d like to book a slot.”

Me: “OK, for when?”

Caller: “Next week.”

Me: “When next week?”

Caller: “Thursday.”

Me: “When on Thursday? We only have our smallest room available in the evening.”

Caller: “Yeah, um, evening, have you only got the smallest room?”

Me: “Yes, only the smallest, or our hall which is more expensive.”

Caller: “Ok…. yeah… smallest room.”

Me: “Will that be 7 ’til 10?”

Caller: “Yeah, bye!”

Me: “Wait, what’s the band name?!”

Caller: “Oh, it’s [band name]”

Me: “Ok, that’s all booked in for you, thanks, bye!”

Caller: “Bye!”

(phone rings a minute or so later)

Me: “Hello [company name] [my name] speaking.”

Caller: “Hi, I just phoned you I’m from [band name] and I wanted to check that I booked in for next week not this week.”

Me: “Yes, you booked in next week, the 12th.”

Caller: “Ok, so next Thursday?”

Me: “Yes, next Thursday, the 12th, 7 ’til 10.”

Caller: “Ok, next week. Bye!”

(Too many phonecalls are like this!)

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