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Unfiltered | December 9, 2015

(It was nearly midnight and I had asked the final guests to leave, politely, as it was way past the legal time allowance for them to vacate the pub. When they refused, I began collecting my coat and bag, ready to go home.)

Female guest: Some people just have a different work ethic don’t they? They take an attitude to a certain job and are lazy.

Me: I’m sorry? What do you mean by that?

Female guest: You take what you see from that. You’re a d***. Your work ethic stinks. You’re lazy. You should sort it out. You’re a d***.

Me: (dumbfounded) Well, that’s a lovely thing to say to another human being isn’t it?

Male guest: You’re a d***. Everyone who works here thinks you are.

(They continue insulting me aggressively, calling upon staff to reinforce the message. They awkwardly retreat.)

(I not only work front of house, which is demanding enough with a small team, but also maintain the pub’s twitter account in my spare time, come in on days off to redo blackboards and train new staff. Lazy?)