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Unfiltered | December 2, 2015

(My cat disappeared one day, so when he turned up I decided it was time he got microchipped and a collar tag. I walked into town with him in a carrier to our local petshop, a small place but they take better care of the animals and know their products so I prefer them.)

Me,to cat: “Okay, we’re here. Stop crying…”

Clerk: “How are ya? Hi, [cat’s name]!”

Me: “A little panicked. He didn’t come home so we’re getting chipped and a new collar tag!”

(I let him out of the ca. rrier and clip on his lead. The clerk takes my details and I check them. We hear a bang and some ex cited chirping– my cat had jumped at a cage of canaries!)

Me: “[Cat’s name]! No! [to clerk] I’m so sorry!”

Clerk: *laughing as I go grab him* “Noo, you can’t have my canaries..”

Me: *relieved* “Maybe [resident grumpyAfrican Grey parrot], but that’d be an interesting fight…”

(Needless to say he was kept on a tight lead after that. And I should have remembered that was where he first tried hunting as a kitten.)