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Unfiltered | November 28, 2015

I work at a kennel and a customer came in to pick up their per from boarding and then asked to make another reservation but we are already booked up so I am recommending another Kennel

Me: We do recommend (well known Kennel) in (nearby town) if we can’t get you in on our waiting list

Customer: Could you tell me where (nearby town) is?

Me: Sure, It’s just a bit further West of our location

Customer: I don’t know where west is

Me: ok do you know where near by toll way is, that road is West of where we are, the town West of the toll road.

Customer: I don’t know where that is, I live in (town to the East) where is (Nearby town) in relation to that

Me: Well you live to the East of here so the town is in the opposite direction of your home, to the West of your home

Customer: I still don’t understand which way is west.

Me: do you know (road our kennel in located off of) you would just go left to (nearby town) not right to your home.

Customer: I don’t know where (road our kennel is located off of), can’t you just tell me where West is

Me: I don’t know how else I can help you