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Unfiltered | November 27, 2015

(I am training to be a healthcare adviser in a pharmacy. I am working behind the counter alongside my manager a few weeks in and a lady approaches me.)

Customer – Hi, I’d like something for an eye infection.

Me – Sure, can you tell me a little more about the infection? When did it start?

Customer – A few days ago.

Me – Okay, and what are the symptoms? Are your eyes itchy at all?

Customer – Oh, no, it’s not for me. It’s for my dog. He has a really bad infection so I need some eye drops or something for him.

Me – (alarmed) Erm, actually we don’t sell any medication here that’s suitable for animals.

Customer – Oh, I know you don’t sell dog medicine. But I give him human painkillers all the time and he’s fine! I give him baby medicine when he’s sick and a dash of brandy if he has an upset stomach.

(I am an animal lover and quite upset by this)

Me – Those things could all be extremely harmful to animals, perhaps even fatal. I would strongly recommend you only give him medicines prescribed by a vet. I can’t sell any eye drops for your dog, they aren’t licensed for pets.


(she sighs loudly and dramatically and storms out)

Manager – I think you need a break. Good job, though!