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Unfiltered | November 25, 2015

During the morning shift if the store I work at there are only two people: a manager to perform specific duties and a sales associate to ring. The sales associate has to stay at the front to be ready to ring up customers and watch the front to prevent theft. The following exchange took place while I was on a morning shift and unable to leave the front.

Customer: “hello sir, could you help me and my husband find specific type of shoes?”

Me: ” I would love to come help you but because it’s early and no one else is working I must stay up at the front and am unable to accompany you.”

(I go on to explain where the aisle is that she is looking for. She doesn’t seem to fully grasp why I am unable to leave my post at the front. A little later I see her come up to the front.)

Customer: ” Sir I need you to come down and help my husband and I retrieve something instead of just standing up there at the front.”

Me: “I’m sorry Ma’am, but as I said before I am unable to leave my post at the front of the store. I will call my-”

(Before I can finish telling her I will call my manager away from her duties so one of us can help she storms off to where her husband is. A bit later she runs up to the front again.)

Customer: ” Excuse me sir! Because you wouldn’t come help me and my husband a box fell on his head and he is now bleeding profusely!”

(I try to respond but she takes her husband and rushes out of the store before I can say anything.)

Manager: “Did that really just happen?”