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Unfiltered | November 22, 2015

At sundown, around 7:00, we get a huge rush through counter and drive-through. Since the entire day was dead, everyone was sent home except two assistant managers, and myself, as a cashier. The line is going out the door and drive-through isn’t as good.

After serving some friends of mine, a large man cuts to the front of the line.

Me: “Welcome to Arby’s, how can-”

Customer: “Yeah I ordered my food in the drive-through but it’s taking forever, so I’m going to pay here and pick it up.”

Me: “I’m sorry sir, we would have to ring up a new order, and there is a wait on-”

Customer: (Yelling) “I’ve already ordered so you don’t need to make a new one! Just find my order and give me my food!

Me: “Sir, I’m not able to do that on this-”

Customer: “Fine, ring up my new order. You’re wasting years of my life right now.”

(My friend is listening to all of this and turns to him)

Friend: “Hey, back off. It’s super busy and those guys are busting their asses off.”

Customer: “I don’t care, it’s fast food, I have a nephew-”

Friend: “I have a nephew too, and he could kick BOTH of your asses.”

(My manager runs over with his order and gives it to the customer)

Customer: (Grumbling) “Wasting my life, damn kids.”

Me: (To friend) “Thank you…”

Everyone that witnessed this exchange is SUPER polite to me during their order, understanding of the wait, thanks me profusely for the job I am doing, and rings the “Good Service” bell as they leave.