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Unfiltered | November 21, 2015

Our point of sale software is a DOS interface which is heavily manual — some national discounts data goes in, but a lot of the items in store require manually entered prices or barcodes. We keep our monitors angled away from the customers because otherwise they complain about the wrong prices or descriptions which pop up during the transaction and it takes at least twice as long to process anything.

I am just starting to ring up a deaf couple, and I turn the monitor because I don’t have sufficient sign language to talk them through what I’m doing without a visual aid. The previous customer turns back from exiting the store and stares at me.

Me: “Did you need something else?”

Customer: “You turned around the monitor at the start for them but you wouldn’t show it to me until you’d finished putting everything in. Why?”

Me: “These customers are deaf and I can’t explain what I’m doing unless–”

Customer: “No, I want a REASON.”

Me: “As I explained when you asked before, we enter the prices manually and–”

Customer: “BUT IT’S NOT FAIR!”

Me: “I’m actually not supposed to turn the monitor for anyone. I make the exception for customers who can’t understand spoken English so–”

Customer: *interrupts with a furious, wordless scream which continues for an impressive length of time while the entire store stares, then RUNS full speed out of the store*