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Unfiltered | November 19, 2015

It’s 30 minutes until the store closes. My boyfriend and I are getting ingredients for soup when a tiny old lady comes up to me. (I am not wearing clothing that even closely resembles the work uniform, and clearly have a hand basket)

Old Lady: Where are the carrots for 77 cents?

Me: Um…I don’t know?

Old Lady: Well, there’s a sale. Carrots for 77 cents a pound. Where. Are. They?

Me: Well it’s late, they probably sold out.

Old Lady: But where are the carrots for 77 cents?

Me: I…uh…well I don’t work here, but it’s late in the day; people probably bought them all.

Old Lady (getting a bit upset): Look! This flyer came–carrots for 77 cents! WHERE. ARE. THE. CARROTS.

Me: I’m sorry, I don’t know, they’re gone.

Old Lady: But WHERE are they?

Me: Probably in someone’s house, they were all bought earlier today.

Old Lady: The flyer SAYS: CARROTS for 77 cents per pound. There are no carrots. WHERE ARE THE CARROTS?

(At this point my boyfriend walks over)

Him: (rather abruptly) Look, lady, she doesn’t work here and neither do I. If you have a problem with what’s on the shelves, leave us alone and take it up with an employee.

Old Lady: (suddenly smiling and laughing) Ok!

She wanders off in the direction of an employee. Not 30 seconds later as we were looking through the rest of the produce, we found the carrots.