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(I am the customer in the situation. My manager had offered to buy me a drink from the coffee place close to us, and I wrote down my order. Unfortunately because of the way I wrote it, and my bad hanwriting, I got the wrong drink. I ended up going back to fix it. The employee in question is always super nice and friendly to me)

Employee: *smiles* “Hello!”

Me: *smiles* “Hello! My manager had come here a few minutes ago and I had written my order down for her, but I got the wrong drink. But it was probably my fault because I have awful handwriting *laughs* and I am more than willing to pay for a new one”

Employee: “I’m sorry about that! What did you want?”

*tells him my order*

Employee: “Oh I remember that one. I thought you wanted 8 pumps of foffee”

Me: *laughs* “Oh no that’s a lot of coffee”

(He makes me a new drink for free. Now fast forward a few hours. It’s my lunch time and I head back there)

Me: “I don’t think you have seen me enough today!”

Same employee: “Too much!”

Me: *laughs and sets food on the counter* “Hey do you guys ge
Employee: *nods*

Me: *puts $20 in the tip jar*

Every employee: *freezes and stares at me*

Me: “You are always so nice to me and give me great service. I really appreciate it! *smiles*”

I had made everyone’s day there. It feels good!

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