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Unfiltered | November 17, 2015

(This takes place when I was about twelve years old. At the time I was extremely shy and had a huge sister complex, which I still do. Anyways, this was on Black Friday. I hadn’t slept the night before because we wanted to make sure that we got what we were wanting, so this made me feel like I was going to cry at any moment. While me and my sister each have our own carts we are hocked together by her hands.)

Sister: We have to turn, I’m letting go. *she lets go and turns the corner, I go to follow her but. . . )

Woman: Move! *pushes my turning cart out of the way and gets between me and my sister*

Me: Hey! *sister’s name*!

Sister: *turns around to see what happened* Ma’am, please let her through.

Woman: No, the little bitch should have made it through before me!

Me: *teary eyes* B-But y-you shoved me out o-of the w-way!

Woman: *scoffs and continues on her way and I have to maneuver between the other shoppers to get back to my sister*