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Unfiltered | November 15, 2015

(I’m reporting myself for this one. I live in apartments and have recently called the maintenance guy to come fix a few issues for me.)

Me: “And the last thing I needed help with was the kitchen blinds. I’ve been trying for WEEKS to get them to close properly and they won’t. And it’s just so spontaneous! I mean, why would they suddenly not work?!”

(I proceed to pull on various cords to show him that the blinds are faulty.)

Me: “See what I mean? I can’t figure out what wrong with it! It’s so annoying!”

(The maintenance man simply leans over, untangles the blinds, and just looks at me.)

Me: “Um, yep, that’s, um, all I needed help with. Thank you! Bye!”

(Still not saying a word, he walks out muttering and shaking his head while my hair tried not to catch fire from how red and hot my face was.)