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Unfiltered | November 12, 2015

(I am a planning on dressing up as the tenth doctor for the fiftieth anniversary special for Doctor Who because I will be at a college program for the day with a bunch of other geeks. I went to the Goodwill to find a good coat for my costume, but couldn’t decide between two coats, so I went to ask a worker which I should use)

Me: Hi, I have a bit of a weird question for you. Do you watch Doctor Who? I’m trying to put together a tenth doctor costume and couldn’t decide which of these coats would be best.

Worker 1: No, I don’t, but [name] does. I’ll go get him for you. (Leaves to get coworker) Worker 2: So, the tenth doctor? (Worker 2 helps me choose between the two coats, and I thank him. After I pay, as I’m leaving, I hear someone in the store laughing.)