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Unfiltered | November 8, 2015

(I’ve just finished my shift and I am picking up some wheat-free bread from the supermarket near my workplace for my boyfriend. I go to put it on the belt behind an elderly couple when they notice)

Lady: Is that all you’re buying dear?

Me: Yeah, we buy this stuff as we need it to keep it as fresh as possible.

Lady: Go ahead of us dear, we’ve filled the belt and you’ve got that one small loaf of bread.

Me: Are you sure?

Lady: Of course. (to her husband) Let this young lady ahead of us dear, she’s only buying a loaf of bread.

(The gentleman agrees, and tells the cashier to process my transaction first.)

Me: Thank you so much! I work at the cinema over there *I point out the front of the store, which is floor to ceiling windows, towards the cinema’s sign* and let me tell you, it’s rare to see anyone this kind in line.

(I pay for the bread and after thanking them again set off, beaming from ear to ear)