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Unfiltered | November 5, 2015

(I work for a company that has a contract with a major service provider to take phone calls. I work in the porting, or LNP department. Sometimes when customers are bringing their phone number from another company the request doesn’t go through properly. The primary part of my job is to pull up the request and find out why. Usually the problem has to do with missing account information as it did on this call)

Me: Thank you for calling (company name) my name is__. May I get your name please?

(customer states name)

Me:And how are you doing today?

Customer:Well not good. I can’t get my phone to work. Every time someone calls me it goes to my old phone

Me: I do apologize that you are having that problem. let me get the phone number and see what’s going on (customer states number and I pull up request) okay I see this is coming from (competitor) and to complete the request they are asking that we provide your prepaid pin number.

Customer: This was a pay-as-you-go-phone there is no provider.

Me:Umm well when I pull up the request it says it’s coming from(competitor) and they left a notation that we need a prepaid pin.

Customer: No it doesn’t belong to (competitor). It’s a pay as you go phone. There is no old service provider.

Me Mame there has to be a service provider. Someone has to own the towers and give your phone signal I’m showing that the provider is (competitor) and they are asking for your pin.

Customer:No it’s pay as you go phone there is no pin.

(rather then arguing with the customer I give her the instructions left by the company to call into their automated system. The system is there to make changes such as activating phones, adding minutes, and of course changing the pin. With the old service providers phone in hand, the customer calls the automated system. Sure enough, I can hear on the other line a little jingle for the company, and competitors name stated. by the end of the call we were a able to get the approval)