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Unfiltered | November 4, 2015

I’m on vacation in Scotland, and visiting an Aquarium. We’re getting some info on lobsters and crabs from an employee

Note: i’m deathly afraid of spiders.

employee: “So here we have the king crab. Let me get one out of it’s tank..”

And he proceeds taking a huge crab out of the tank, and I jump back a few feet in horror; the thing looks just like a giant spider to me.

employee: (still holding the crab.) “Er… something I said?”

me: (slightly panting) “No, it’s just.. eh.. can you put that thing back?”

Employee: “Oh… okaaay…”

He puts it back.

me: “I’m so sorry, but i’m deathly afraid of spiders and apparently that fear includes everything with too many protrusions.”

employee: “Oh, I see. Hm.. never heard of arachnophobia that includes fear of crabs. That’s a new one!”

Later on I hesitantly approach the tank, to take a closer look. I come to the conclusion that when it’s under water it isn’t so bad.

Employee: “I thought you were afraid of it?”

me: “Its ok when it’s just sitting still I guess.”

Employee: “You want me to take it out again.”

me: “DON’T YOU DARE!!!”

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