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Unfiltered | November 3, 2015

(I work at a tea store where I am one of two males on staff, and the only male working at the time. While I was weighing out Tea for one customer a lady jumped the line)

Lady: *near yelling* I need a woman’s opinion on clothing!

(Thinking she had made a purchase she was not sure of I grabbed my manager and told her about the customer)

Manager: How can I help you today?

Lady: I came from way out in the bay, and I want to buy some clothes!

Me:Ma’am you are aware that this is a tea store and that we do not sell clothing?

Lady: I drove all the way out from the bay and not a God**** place here sells clothes!?

(Lady storms out before we can tell her to go to any other store in the mall, about five minutes later a college age guy walks in and approaches me)

Guy: How much would it take for you to give me your shirt?