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Unfiltered | October 31, 2015

(I was working in a different department but our copy center was busy so I got called up. My coworker was talking to 2 ladies, so I asked the one man standing at the counter if he needed help.)

Customer: “Yes, they made my copies upside-down.”

(I look at his papers, which had a tri-fold. The top section was indeeed upside-down from the rest of the paper, but how he had it folded it was fine. I go to ask my coworker, who had just finished with her customers, what to do, because I assume he had sent us a digital file that we somehow messed up.) Coworker (talking to the man): “Sir, that’s how your original was. I copied it exactly how you had it. Did you ask us to change it?”

Customer: “No but you didn’t show me a proof!!”

Cowoker: “……Because it is exactly the same as the one you gave us originally.”

Customer: (Starts going off) “I laid all the carpet in (the hotel behind us) and if something got messed up I fixed it! Whether it was my fault or not! You’ll never make it in retail! I want to talk to your manager”

Coworker: “‘I’ve been here for almost 10 years. And I’m the supervisor here. I can fix them, but you’ll have to pay for them.”

(He goes on for a few minutes, and she walks away. He keeps talking to me about how belligerent she is and how rude, and eventually goes to say essentially the same thing to the on-duty manager, who happens to have had the original coworkers position originally. She tells him the same thing we did, and he storms out. So he wanted us to fix his mistake, without telling us, for free.)

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