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I work in a Council call center that deal with all Council related inquiries.

A new resident calls and queries a bill she’s received.

Customer: I have this $250 (this is a very high bill) bill what is it for?

Me: What does it say at the top of the bill?

Customer: [Council name] Water & waste.

Me: Well that’s your water bill.

Customer: Water bill for what?

Me: … The water you’ve used on your property.

Customer: Why do I have to pay this?

Me: Because we charge for water that is used at a property just the same as electricity.

Customer: Oh well I can understand paying for electricity cause that has to be like made but water falls from the sky and should be free.

Me: Well we have to collect the water from a dam, treat it so you can drink it and for you to use. That’s why we charge for it.

Customer: (starts getting angry) Well that’s just highway robbery. I can’t believe you do that to people. Water’s free from the sky’s and is a god given right and you shouldn’t be robbing people of something that is free. That’s f****** stupid.

Me: Well if you feel that way maybe think about getting a rain water tank? And then you won’t have to pay for water anymore.

Customer: And what waste more money on something I won’t use? You’re just f***** stupid if you think I’m going to waste more money.That is just f****** ridiculous.

[hangs up on me].

I had the agree with the last thing she said. Because I don’t quite understand how she won’t need to use water.

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