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Unfiltered | October 24, 2015

(I’m working at a haunt for Halloween. The room I’m in is the entrance to the maze and is designed like a doctor’s waiting room with two dummies in chairs. I’m sitting at a desk with a “”Sign In” sign next to the entrance of the maze. I’m slumped in my chair, like a dummy. Three people come in.)

Goth Guy: “Oh, look at these guys! They’re so creepy! I wish I could get my hair like this doctor, his is awesome.”

Furry Guy: “Dude, that’s a chick! Chicks have long hair!”

Goth Guy: “Not all of them! You’ve never been to [Local Goth Club]! You don’t know!”

(They argue for a minute until I jump out of my chair, making a loud thump. They scream.)

Me: “Hello and welcome to the St. Francis mental institution! The doctor will be with you shortly, but first please step into the disinfecting room!”

(I open the door to the maze and let them in.)

Goth Guy: “Uh… I know you’ve probably gotten this a million times tonight, but… uh… can I have your phone number?”

(I wasn’t interested in dating him, but I was part of the local goth scene, even working for a band that plays at the club he was talking about! We ended up being friends on facebook! I still find it funny that he wanted to flirt when five seconds before that he thought I was a man.)