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Unfiltered | October 13, 2015

(I am on the phone when a regular customer approaches my register. As I go to hang up the phone, the receiver falls and I end up fiddling with it in a frustrated manner for several few seconds before finally getting it to stay.)

Me: “Sorry about that. How are you doing today?”

Customer: *briefly glances up, then looks back down at his wallet* “Did ya hit that, brother?”

(I think the guy is asking if I punched the phone and broke it, so I almost respond with some joke like “Not yet” or “Only once” or “All the time” or whatever. As I open my mouth to respond, I suddenly realize he’s asking if I had sex with my rather attractive coworker who is at the register behind me.)

Me: *shocked* ….uh……

(I finish up his transaction and hand him his receipt)

Customer: “Well if you do, take pictures!”

(Never saw him again!)

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