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Unfiltered | October 6, 2015

(A customer and her daughter come in to our store and buy some mis shaped biscuits, my co-worker serves them and they leave. About 5 minutes later they return and come up to me as I can handle returns)

Woman: would you look at this biscuit.

Me: whats the problem?

Woman: this biscuit is battered.

Me: they are mis shaped biscuits it says so on the package.

Woman: but it’s ruined, can I have another?

Me: sorry, no they are mis shaped, they are not meant to be perfect.

Woman: can i have a bag, they are making a mess.

(I give her a bag and go to talk to my manager incase she puts in a complaint. The manager has seen the whole thing including her leaving opening the pack and coming back. I explain what happened.

While I put them in the bag I hear her mutter if she was in another shop they’d give her a new pack.)

Manager: so she wanted perfect, mis shaped biscuits?!