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( we are short staffed by 1 employee on a Sunday and a little behind on prep work for later, such as bagging up celery and blue cheese and chopping onions. As such, I’ve moved a large tub of freshly washed celery to the sink behind the counter at the front to bag it between customers. At this point we’ve had maybe 10 people come in for slices of pizza. So we have a few older pizzas which I will heat up for customers to get rid of them)

Me: (bagging celery at the sink while watching for customers)

( sees a customer approach the register) oh hello! How can I help you?

Customer: 8 slices of pepperoni and 2 cans of pop please

Me: ( begins putting slices from the older pizzas on the tray for heating) for here or to-go?

Customer: here. And give me the newer slices, not those!

Me: they’ve all been sitting here the same amount of time sir. I need to get rid of them before my coworkers can bring me fresh pizzas

Customer: I demand the fresher slices! Get rid of them with somebody else. And I want to put chili flakes on them before they go in the oven

Me : alright…( I load another tray with “newer” slices and he puts chili flakes on them and walks away while I put them in the oven)

( I go back to bagging celery while I wait and put the 8 slices on 4 plates when theyre ready and leave them on the counter with the drinks) your slices are ready sir!

Customer: put them in a bag! Why arent they in a bag?

Me: you said you wanted them for here, sir.

Customer: *snatches a few bags* I’ll do it myself! ( storms away with slices)

Me: alright, have a nice day

Customer: ( sees my manager at the other register working with one of our delivery drivers makes a comment loud enough for me to hear) she hates her job. Worst customer service ever.

( gesturing to me) ( and then storms out)

Manager and Driver: ( look over and me)

Driver: so…you hate your job?

Me: no? I like it here

Manager: what happened?

Me: ( explains)

Manager: so you hate your job for doing your job??

Me:… I guess so?

Manager: ( sighs) sometimes I want to go to the customers’ workplaces and see how they like some of the comments they say to us.

Driver and Me: yup…

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