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While putting Products on the shelves, i notice a man smelling badly of alcohol returning his bottles. And talking to some other customers. The other customers seem a bit bothered, but, he seems to be one of the regular alcoholics, which are usually Nice People.

I walk to the cash-register.

Me (to my collegue): There’s a man coming soon, smells badly fo alcohol. If he’s here to buy beer you should refuse him.

(I describe his looks so she can recognize him. By Law, we’re not allowed to sell alcohol to obviously intoxicated People)

Colleague: Sure!

I go back to fill the shelves, when i see a line building at the register. I decide to go and open a second register. After serving few customers the smelling man comes to me. Of course he’s got beer. I immediately remove the beer cans, and put them on a shelf behind me.

Me: You can’t have these. I’m sorry, but i believe you’re too drunk.

Alcoholic: WTF?! I’m not drunk.
(His face goes red)

Me: I’m sorry, but you smell of alcohol, you can’t walk in a straight line, and you’re reacting just as a drunk man would.

Alcoholic: But i’m not bloody drunk!

Me: I’m sorry. I can’t sell you this beer. Come back in a few hours, you’ll probably be OK.

The alcoholic starts shouting to the other customers about how stupid i am. I keep looking him in the eyes every time he looks at me, and i start to think it’s funny. But i manage to keep the laughter in. Barely.

The alcoholic eventually leaves angry. I see him cross the street halfway, before turning around and walking back to me, just as angry.

Me: Did you forget anything?

Alcoholic: This! (slams bottle Return note on the register)

I scan the barcode.

Me: That will give you 14 Kroner back. (about 2 USD)

Alcoholic: Thank you so fucking much!

Me: You’re welcome. I’m just trying to be Nice despite the “event”

Alcoholic: YOU’RE NOT F***ING NICE!

Alcoholic leaves again, i look at my colleague, and we both break out in laughter.

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