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I worked at a well know Coffee shop for 4 years this is one of the weirder stories. A strange looking woman came in the store, she looked like she may be homeless. She was loud and rude while ordering, we would get people like this often so I though nothing of it. She ordered a cappuccino.

Me: Here is you cappuccino ma’am.

The customer takes the drink to the lobby. After a few minutes she comes back up to me and aggressively addresses me.

Customer: What is this drink?

Me: It is a cappuccino, espresso a little milk and mostly foam.

Customer: It tastes terrible and it is not made right. I want another drink right now!

Me: I am sorry about that let me make you a new one.

I take her drink and she walks away while I start making the new one. As I am dumping out the old drink I notice at the bottom of the cup is a few pennies, dimes, nickels, and quarters. She had put her change in her drink and was drinking it! No wonder it didn’t taste good, she had to be crazy!

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