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(I am a graphic designer at multifunction printing and shipping store in a country town. As such, I also function as a cashier. I was working on a design when I hear our bell notifying us that someone walked in.)

Me: Hello! Is there anything I can do for you today?

(The customer is holding a small box under his arm and holds it up wordlessly)

Me: Oh! Is that a dropoff or are we shipping it?

Customer: I has a prepaid label. Uh…UPS.

Me: Alright then.

(By this point I was behind the counter, having moved from my spot across the room.)

Me: If you’ll just set it on the scale, I’ll scan it in and get you a receipt with the tracking number to prove you dropped off.

Customer: Alright great. But uh…it smells like cardboard in here.

(I sit dumbfounded for a moment. Right next to me there is a display with decorative boxes, as well as several other locations with boxes showing our sale price on them. There’s boxes….everywhere.)

Me: Yes sir…We’re….a printing and shipping company.

(The customer leaves, leaving me dumbfounded and laughing)

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