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(I work for a big uk tv company. Dealing with customers billing, upgrades and technical issues. )

Me: hi your through to (my name) at (company) how can I help you.

Customer: hi (my name). I called in a few weeks ago to remove the sports and movies from the account. If found I was still being billed for the movies pack today and an advisor has cancled them with immedate effect. She also told me that it was done by a web user. Nether me nor my partner have done this so one of your advisors must of.

Me: it was back office adition like you said from a web user meaning it was done online. So it hasnt been done through the call center.

Customer: I know that I mean someone has progresed the upgrade for us online.

Me: our advisers wouldnt of been able to do that. A web user upgrade is eather done by pressing the red button on the remote which we dont have access to. Or online via (compinays website) with your user name which we have access to and your password which we dont.

Customer: ok

Me: now on the website we do have a password reset process which works one of two ways

Customer: yes

Me: it can eather send an email to the address set up with the id or ask personal questions about the account holder including there surname, date of birth and the last 6 digits of there bank account number *click*

Me: hello??

Team leader: guess he knows who upgraded the account then

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