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Unfiltered | June 24, 2017

As a supervisor I am supposed to check and sign any refund receipts to make sure they are correct. I’d been out of the store getting some lunch and when I return my co-worker asks me to sign a refund she’d done.

Me “This isn’t a refund, it’s a sale, did you give me the wrong receipt?”

Co-worker “Let me look” she takes the receipt “Oh sh*t, how could I have charged him?”

Me “Did you scan each item in?”

Co-worker “No I scanned one and changed the amount”

Me “And forgot to add the minus sign?”

Co-worker “Sh*t… at least I put his details in”

Me “He’s not a member so the details didn’t save” *I’ll ring his bank and ask them if they can do something.

I call the bank and give them all the details on the card, explaining what has happened and asking if they could contact the customer to let him know what had happened.

Bank “We can’t give you his personal details”

Me “I’m not asking for his details, I’m asking if you could somehow contact him and get him to call me back”.

Bank “I can’t give you his details, I don’t know what you are going to do with them”

Me “I’m trying to get $3000 refunded to his account and asked if you could help by contacting the customer”

Bank ” I can’t give you his details” *I realise I am talking to a brick wall and end the call. I keep both the receipts in the office, hoping that the customer will call when he finds out. Each week I check and it’s still there, almost 5 weeks later I notice the receipts are gone.

Me *to manager “Where have those receipts I kept gone?”

Manager “I got sick of seeing them and threw them out”. *he’s a throw out and ask questions later type.

Me “You what?? I wrote ‘do not throw out’ on them for a reason and I told you what they were”

Manager *cracks grin “HA HA, got you. That guy finally came in for his refund”.