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Reading, PA | Unfiltered | June 19, 2017

I was working as a manager at a small discount grocery store. On this day it was myself and 2 cashiers. We had just had a large group of Amish women shop in the store and I was restocking in an aisle when one of my cashiers came up to me with an irate customer. This customer was carrying on about a large piece of meat and bone I the parking lot. She said it was disgusting that we would allow this in our parking lot. Not quite knowing what she was talking about I decided to investigate. To my amazement there was a large raw rib section from a cow laying in one of our parking spaces. I got two large trash bags and a pair of gloves and my cashier and I preceded to bag up the piece of meat and put it in the dumpster. This thing was heavy! I thought maybe one of the Amish women left it in our parking lot but no one ever came back to claim it. I was teased for the longest time about that very large piece of meat.

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