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Unfiltered | June 16, 2017

My aunt had passed away due to cancer and I have a rather large family (grandma had 11 children all whom have had multiple children themselves) who live in the same city, we all grew up together and so are pretty close. Since the funeral service was in the early morning my mom and I decided to buy a 3 boxes of donuts a dozen each for anyone who wanted a bite to eat. My mom and I are the one of the first ones there. I am approached by the funeral director.

Funeral director: “Hi, I was just wondering if I could have a donut”

Me: (a little shocked at that question but see no harm) “Yes, of course”

A couple minutes after that exchange as I’m still setting up I see a person who isn’t part of our funeral party come to the table and take a donut as well, then another, and a few more. I finally realized the funeral director must of told the people who work in the offices in the back that there are donuts and so they have been coming to take them. They cleared out the first box all before the service has started and before the vast majority have arrived. I’m still in shock at this behaviour especially considering the situation as to why we were at a funeral home. The rest of the people didn’t even ask, they came to the box looked at me sheepishly grabbed one and scurried away.

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