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Unfiltered | June 15, 2017

(I am 17, newly on my own, and have just gotten my first telemarketer call ever. He has a very thick accent which I am having trouble understanding, and is trying to sell me phone service.)

Me: “I actually use a calling card that my mom pays for; I don’t need a phone plan.”

Telemarketer: “And how long have you had the card?”

Me: “Car? I don’t have a car… Oh, the CARD, right. Eight months?”

Telemarketer: “Well, during that time, you must have paid a lot! If you switch to us, we will save you a lot of money!”

Me: “But I don’t spend anything on the card. My mom pays for it.”

Telemarketer: “But our plan is so much better! You’ll pay so much less with us!”

Me: “But I don’t pay ANYTHING right now.”

Telemarketer: “But our plan has [X long distance rates] and will cost so much less!”

Me: “But my phone right now is FREE. The only way I could pay less is if YOU were paying ME.”

Telemarketer : “But see, if you switched to us, it would only cost [$X] per month! You would pay less than with your card!”

Me: “Right now, my phone only costs NOTHING per month. If I switched to you, I would DEFINITELY be paying more than with my card!”

(This keeps going on back and forth for at least 5-10 minutes, with me trying to be as polite as possible and simply turn him down by telling him I am not interested in, nor have any need for, the plan he is selling. Eventually though, I’ve simply had enough.)

Me: “Look, I get you’re only trying to do your job and all, but if you don’t accept ‘no’ for an answer, I’m just going to hang up on you.”

Telemarketer: “Okay, thank you, goodbye.”

(I understand they’re probably trained to be pushy to sell their stuff, but when someone tells you they’re already getting the service you are offering for FREE, why would you waste so much time on them when you could be using that time talking with someone you actually stand a chance of earning a commission from? I am now older and wiser, enough to know how to easily turn down telemarketers with four magical words: Do Not Call List.)