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Unfiltered | June 13, 2017

I have worked for a large supermarket chain for about 2 years but have since moved to a small convenience store owned by the same company. It is just a small store where you can run in and grab a pint of milk or something for a quick dinner, just basic supplies. Recently they made it where customers can order products from our website and have it delivered to our store as click and collect.

I have just finished serving a customer when a woman walks up to my till rolling a hard cover suitcase along the floor, obviously she had walked to our store with it.

She lifts it up and pushes it towards me.

Customer – Hello, I bought this on click and collect and wanted to return it.

Me – Oh hello, i’m sorry you’ll have to take it to the main store if you want to return it bacause we are only a small store and don’t handle returns like this.

Customer – But I don’t have my receipt or anything so how can I return it.

Me – Well if you go to the main store, you can log onto your account on your phone and show them the reference number for your order or call customer services and speak to someone about returning it.

Mind you it is Easter Monday and the main store closes at 6 because it is a bank holiday, my store remains open at the usual times because we are still convenience.

The customer was taking all the information in which was great because to be honest I thought she was going to get mad for not being able to return the suitcase at our little store.

Just next to me at the till bank are two self serve tills, where two men are just buying some products and just minding their own business. Suddenly one of the men cough, just in general to clear their throat and not trying to get my attention or anything.

The woman suddenly gives him a dirty sideways look.

Customer – I’m sorry I couldn’t hear what you where saying because he was coughing at me.

I look at her for a moment because the guy was just generaly minding his own business and clearing his throat, I gave the man a look of like wtf and he remained quiet giving me the same look.

Me – Ok, so if you just take that down to the main store they should be able to sort that out for you.

I smile and see her off, the next customer come’s up to my till

Customer 2 – I thought she was about to deck that guy with the suitcase.

Me – I know.

I turn to the man still scanning his products.

Me – I’m so sorry I have no idea why she was like that, you where just clearing your throat.

Man – I couldn’t f****** believe her love, it shocked me because I wasn’t even anywhere near her.

Me – Still i’m really sorry about that, have a nice day anyway.

The man left kind of still in awe of this woman and so was I, me and the other customer laughed about it after he left.