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Unfiltered | June 4, 2017

For whatever reason my bank hasn’t issued chip cards to their debit card holders after everyone else made the switch. It’s no big deal and swiping my card works just fine. It only as the swiping stripe on the back and no chip or even chip like mark on the front and it can be swiped without issue.

In a drive thru I hand the cashier my card and heard the card chip machine beep. I excuse it as a mistake and think the worker is probably in robot mode, will notice the mistake, and just swipe it. I then hear the card chip machine beep a second time and he turns to me.

Cashier: I’m sorry ma’am, your card isn’t being accepted.

Me: It’s not a chip, it’s a swipe.

Cashier: *does a double take at my card, flips it over, and sees the stripe* Oh! I’m very sorry ma’am. *swipes it without issue*