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Unfiltered | June 2, 2017

Where stores have self-serve checkouts, there is always an attendant who monitors the area. They assist customers, verify random produce codes to make sure you’re not trying to buy organic at the regular price, and enter coupons that don’t have barcodes. In this case I’m buying an item that has been marked down for quick sale, so it has a “30% off” sticker on it. Before I scan it, look around, don’t see an attendant, scan the remainder of my items so it’s last, and push the “call attendant” button. The screen goes white, and displays “PLEASE WAIT FOR ATTENDANT”.

After a few seconds, the screen goes back to normal, but no-one has come by. I push it again, and almost instantly its cleared.

I finally spot the attendant, who is two lanes over, with the “remote” in her hand, talking with another cashier. I push the call button again, she glances down, pushes a button, which apparently clears it, and then resumes her conversation, without even glancing in my direction.

After several minutes of waiting, I finally walk over, where she’s discussing her plans for the evening, and ask her to enter my coupon.

Attendant: “You know there’s a button to call me over right?”

Me: “…”

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